About Me

Vilim Halbarth (1970 -, Trogir, Croatia)

Creates contemporary art pieces combining them through various media.


Graduated from a mathematically oriented high-school so geometry is in the core of his work. Later he enrols in a stone-masonry school in the town of Pucisca on the isle of Brac. His love of stone sculpture is born there. He graduated in the field of sculpture from the Arts Academy of the University of Split.


As said, the base of his work is sculpture, but in later years he has become preoccupied with installation forms executed in larger formats. Halbarth utilizes objects found and used in the metallurgical industry, specifically in shipbuilding (pipes, sheet metal, etc.). Of late, he has expanded his artistic interests to media such as video and photography.


In his work, Halbarth studies light, sound, scent and air and their application within sculptural forms. He examines the social aspects of life and work, as well as human interactions and relationships within the society Halbarth himself belongs to. He emphasises the peculiarities found in this society which is transitioning from a socialist (communist) governance to a capitalist one.


To date, he has had 12 solo exhibitions and numerous group ones.